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The "Contributed Software" area at DynamicsExchange is a global community area where freely available software extensions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM are available for review, download, evaluation, and use. Most items are "as is" to evaluate, experiment with, implement, and extend yourself. In all cases this is the best place to look for freely available extensions to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If you are a professional Dynamics CRM software developer you need to showcase your work here. Please support the community’s developers!

Types of Contributed Software


CRM Accelerators are free code by the Dynamics CRM development team to extend Dynamics CRM - Maybe included in a later release or is used in conjunction with other Microsoft technologies like SharePoint or Office.


Contributed code is free code made available by CRM community professional development members that have donated their work to extend the power of CRM at no charge


Example code is meant to demonstrate functionality or capability and may be used, extended or completed for users needs at no cost. A major source of this code is through the Microsoft CodePlex Open Source Community requiring adherence to that community license. Developers often donate their code to this area for general public viewing - Please support these developers


Limited software is a free limited edition version of professionally developed solutions that can be upgraded to as needed or used in limited form


Also see Trial Software in the Demonstration and Trial Area. Trial Software is professionally developed and licensed for a fee and available for 15-90 day free trial download by the manufacturer for the purpose of evaluation before purchase

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View Cases and Activities open in Microsoft CRM right on your desktop
* Convenient at-a-glance view * Near real time updates * No need to login to Microsoft CRM or refresh to view the ...
Accelerators Source Detail Sandip Here
Analytics Accelerator
"Many customers and partners will be familiar with Analytics Foundation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 which was a business i...
Accelerators Source Detail Rakesh Agarwal Here
Visual Studio Template for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
This download is my attempt at a standard Visual Studio 2008 template to provide the basic starting point for writing a plug-...
Accelerators Source Detail Sandip Here
Microsoft CRM 4.0 Form Reporter
An application that creates a Word 2007 Document detailing the configuration of all customizable Microsoft CRM 4.0 forms, inc...
Accelerators Source Detail MSDN Here
Accounts Gadget for Windows 7
While a properly implemented CRM system can be a very powerful tool, a complaint heard often is that there is so much informa...
Accelerators Source Detail Sandip Mishra Here