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East Region Microsoft CRMChris Kahl MS
Friendly Microsoft Dynamics CRM MonsterSandor SchellenbergM
Larry's Taco Talk BlogLarry LentzMVP
Microsoft CRM - [Imran -MVP-MS CRM]Imran MustafaMVP
Microsoft Dynamics CRM ConsultantVenkat BendalamI
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team BlogMicrosoft TeamMSThe CRM Team Blog is mostly written by members of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product team. Occasionally, MVP, partners and Customer.
Mitch Milam’s Microsoft DiscussionsMitch MilamMVPNice tips and techniques by Mitch Milan
MrDave's (David Yack) Blog!David YackM
MSCRM BlogAyaz Ahmad MVPAyaz has good understanding of CRM SDK and uses webservices well in extending CRM
Ronald Lemmen - CRMRonald LemmenMVPGood blogger with nice developer tips