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Sandor Schellenberg A year later .... a lot have changed or maybe not :) It was time to start writing some stuff about D365.. or just keep it CRM ba... 22 Feb 2018
Sandor Schellenberg Merry Christmas & Happy 2017! And hope to catch you reading next year! 23 Dec 2016
Sandor Schellenberg Nominated for Scribe EMEA M.V.P. of the Year :-) Yes, long time no post still very busy with several data migration and inte... 03 Aug 2016
Sandor Schellenberg Loading data into your CRM Application in the year 2016 Lucky for people working involved in data migrations not much has changed. ... 11 Feb 2016
Sandor Schellenberg Old School (cloudfree) File Integration It's already 2016, time flies when you been too busy for blogging :-)Nevert... 11 Feb 2016
CRM Tipsters Tip #438: Tipster guide to Office 365 Groups: end-user It’s Video Friday again. After setting up and configuring Office 365 ... 23 Jul 2015 Microsoft Releases Azure Mobile Apps Connector and Mobile SDK for Dynamics ... Microsoft has announced the availability of Azure Mobile Apps connecto... 23 Jul 2015
Leon Tribe Tracking the Movements of a Case I am finishing up with my current employer and, in the process, finishing w... 23 Jul 2015
Norwich Group Don''t just stay on this side of the Ocean! Microsoft Dynamics CRM in EMEA The Microsoft Dynamics EMEA Team also shares a ton of great information. Fo... 23 Jul 2015
Adam Vero Is there a way to a case of letters in CRM Hi, Is there a way I can  change the case of the words already in crm... 23 Jul 2015